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Marine Carpentry Expertise

At Firehouse Boatworks we specialize in fine wood working on all watercraft. As shipwrights we are dedicated to the continuing tradition of marine carpentry utilizing the most appropriate techniques for the job at hand. Originally Sayler Marine, Firehouse Boatworks has been providing the highest quality workmanship since 1986. We know wooden boats inside and out from a boat builder’s perspective. Our approach is collaborative and we welcome owner participation.

Located in the shadow of the I-5 bridge on the Hayden Island Channel, we are easy to reach by boat and car. Our fully equipped woodworking shop is situated in an historic fireboat house at Pier 99 West Marina in Portland, Oregon. Featuring a 55’ enclosed boatwell, 175’ of side tie and dry dock arrangements, we are well equipped to provide a full spectrum of service.


About Jeff Sayler

Jeff Sayler has been working professionally as a shipwright since 1986.

Drawn to woodworking from an early age, Jeff layed a course to becoming a shipwright in his teens when he began sailing and racing one-design sailboats at Willamette Sailing Club and later at The Evergreen State College, where he began his first boat building project. He went on to apprentice with Will Ansel, Greg  Rossel and Phil Shelton at the Maine Maritime Museum Apprenticeshop, graduating in 1986.
Upon returning to the Pacific Northwest, Jeff began Sayler Marine, operating from several locations before building his own shop overlooking Multnomah Channel  in 1992. Jeff has tackled the full gamut of wooden boat repair, from planking to keels, transoms, decks and anything else that can rot or be damaged on a boat. He has several complete restorations and custom interior refits to his credit. 
To enhance the design and construction process, Jeff added 3D modeling and CNC fabrication to his repertoire. He has utilized CNC machining for projects such as intricate furniture inlay, louvered doors, and teak cockpit grating. While Jeff has cut out entire boats with the CNC router he remains equally fascinated with the process of building small boats by hand. 

Jeff’s goal as a shipwright is to find appropriate solutions to structural problems, balance aesthetic considerations with function, and bring his client’s ideas to fruition in a boat that works well at sea and is able to withstand the corrosive marine environment. 
When not working on wooden boats, Jeff enjoys boating, biking, board sports, listening to jazz with his son and building other things out of wood.

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